Vrot* Mango / Rotten Mango

I wrote about flymango.com yesterday… well the demand has overwhelmed them and people are struggling to access their website. So I guess it’s going to be a lot like SAA…

 While waiting for their website to load, I had a dig around their code… and found some interesting stuff!

For starters they are doing load-balancing using Javascript redirection (embarrasing), but even more interesting is a list of domains they have registered, which is listed in the code source.

Here’s the list…
“www.flymango.co.za”, “www.flymango.com”, “www.mangocarhire.com”, “www.mangocarrental.com”, “www.mangocars.com”, “www.mangocarhire.co.za”, “www.mangocarrental.co.za”, “www.mangocars.co.za”, “www.neverflymango.com”, “http://www.mangosucks.com“, “www.vrotmango.com”, “www.rottenmango.com”, “www.neverfly-mango.com”, “www.mango-sucks.com”, “www.vrot-mango.com”, “http://www.rotten-mango.com“, “www.fly-mango.com”, “http://www.neverflymango.co.za“, “http://www.mangosucks.co.za“, “http://www.vrotmango.co.za“, “www.rottenmango.co.za”, “www.neverfly-mango.co.za”, “www.mango-sucks.co.za”, “www.vrot-mango.co.za”, “www.rotten-mango.co.za”, “www.gomango.co.za”, “www.go-mango.co.za”, “www.flymango.co.za”, “www.fly-mango.co.za”, “www.mangojuice.com”

…they obviously don’t rate themselves either… with fun names like “rotten mango” and “neverfly-mango”! It looks like they will soon be getting into car rental soon too!

* Vrot means “rotten” in Afrikaans.


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