Don’t use ArgusCarHire or Drifter Car Rental in Malta

I’ve just got back from Malta, and apart from a great holiday – I’ve had some poor customer service that I wanted to share.

 Drifter Car Rental / Drifter Car Hire of Malta – these guys are sharks. They offer what appears to be the lowest rate via brokers like Argus Car Hire, but when you get there they slap on extra insurances (that are supposed to be included) which doubled the price and made them more expensive than some of the other big names. Also… they don’t have an airport location (they have a cocky, arrogant agent Angie come out and patronise you) and they are not on time to meet you. Their cars are older and not clean. Avoid these guys like the plague. / Argus Car Hire – these guys were complicit in the issues I had with Drifter Car Rental, now that I’m back I’ve logged a complaint via their website – waited four days – still no reply. I called them up to find out they have no trace of my complaint, even though I have an email notification from them proving that it was submitted fine. I was then told by one of their phone sales agents that they don’t really look at web enquiries anyways, and I’d be better off by submitting an enquiry via email to I enquire what the average response time is… the reply…. wait for it…. 15 to 20 days!!!! Hello! What year is this? One of my clients, have a company policy of answering web enquiries and emails within 4 working hours! I did some research on Argus/Cartrawler and see that they’ve won some award for technology, it seems they need to turn to improving their customer service now.

Otherwise, the hotel – InterContinental Malta – was pretty good (despite a few things) – and I’ve written my longest yet review over on…

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