Keyboard Shortcuts – discover the secrets of Windows

People were asking if my blog was broken as I haven’t posted lately – sorry, just been too busy!

Here’s a great blog to add to your subscriptions…. Windows Keyboard Shortcuts – impress your friends, save time, spurn your mouse… use Windows shortcuts. I try and use as many as I can, but I still learn new ones occasionally. This blog has a new tip every day on how you can improve your productivity using keyboard shortcuts.

Some of my favourite examples:

  • Lock workstation – Windows+L
  • Close window – Ctrl+W
  • Close application – Alt+F4
  • IE 7 Open new tab – Ctrl+T
  • Start | Run – Windows+R
  • Show desktop – Windows+D

By the way, got to play with Windows Vista yesterday for the first time – wasn’t blown away… it’s basically Windows XP with a Web 2.0 facelift and some desktop widgets. I only used it for 10-15 minutes, but found some stuff (like finding an open wireless network) more difficult and less intuitive than XP!


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