Hyundai – how to lose a customer with lazy email marketing

Here’s a tale of how to take a loyal customer and anger them…

  • I bought a Hyundai ix35 in June 2012 – I’ve been thrilled with it, so thrilled that I was ready to buy the new model (the obscurely named Tucson)
  • In desperation for news about the release of the new Tucson, I visited the Hyundai website, found very little useful information (like the exact release date or pricing information) – but was prompted to sign up for email updates about the new Tucson… sounded like just what I needed.
  • I duly entered my details to sign up for news updates about the new Tucson
  • I heard nothing until this week
  • I’ve had 2 emails from Hyundai this week:
    • 10 Jun – received an email exclusively about the Hyundai i30. Not a single word about the Tucson. But there is the line “You’ve asked about our cars before…” – No Hyundai, I asked about the Tucson, not “cars”. Lazy, loud marketing.Capture
    • I thought that might be a flash in the pan, but today (11 Jun) I received another email from Hyundai… this time it’s even more generic and still no mention of the Tucson… this time it’s all about Rugby Union. Not even about vehicles, let alone the Tucson.Capture
    • I was extremely frustrated that I had given Hyundai very careful and targeted permission to invade my inbox with emails about the Tucson and Hyundai had abused that trust. I was heartened to see some text in the footer of the email… “To change your mailing preferences” – awesome, I thought – let me go and customise my preferences… then I can get only Tucson updates and suppress all this noise about other vehicles and men playing with odd shaped balls…
    • So I clicked through… and got this…
      … sadly no opportunity to customise at all – and only the opportunity for me to unsubscribe.
    • What to do now… resolve my frustration and unsubscribe from all Hyundai emails; or be bombarded with irrelevant marketing crap in the hope that one day I may get lucky and get some Tucson news?
    • I was going to be blindly loyal to Hyundai and buy the new Tucson; but in light of this all I’ll be off to visit the motor showrooms and try out the competing Mazda, Mitsubishi and maybe even Nissan offerings.
    • The emails are sent from one of those “customer friendly” no reply addresses – so there’s no easy, direct way to get feedback
    • A bit of digging shows that Hyundai uses SDL (formerly Alterian) for their email marketing (or what SDL call “Digital Experience“) – they probably pay a lot of money for this – you’d think they’d want to leverage this investment with a bit of personalisation and segmentation
    • Hopefully Hyundai take more care with their social media presence, pick this up on Twitter, and learn from this feedback – they probably won’t

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One thought on “Hyundai – how to lose a customer with lazy email marketing

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